When you click on the Photo Slideshows link below, you can view slideshows by clicking the links along the top border of the gallery window. If you hover over one of these links, you'll see a photo and description from that slideshow.

When viewing the slideshows:
1. Click on underlined text which opens a new browser window showing additional information. If you're in full screen mode when you click a link, click the enlarge/reduce button on the lower right hand corner to see the new browser window
2. Enlarge an image to full screen by clicking on the enlarge/reduce button on the lower right hand corner to the right of the thumbnail images
3. Reduce an image size by clicking the button enlarge/reduce button again or press the Esc key on your keyboard
4. To stop the slideshow, click on a thumbnail, or click on the = button on the lower left; just click the same button again to continue
5. To show the images faster, click the > button to show the next image
6. Clicking the larger << or >> buttons will move to the beginning or end of the show while clicking the smaller versions will scroll to the previous or next group of thumbnails
7. When one slideshow ends the next one should start playing
8. Turn the sound off and on by clicking the speaker button.

Photo Slideshows